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Crystalann is an actress/singer/model and student. She starred in MEAT FOR SATAN'S ICEBOX (a Troma film) as "Cindy Cavatelli." Her other credits are many and varied including numerous radio and television voice overs, more B-movie roles, and also, she plays "Hailey" on the fourth season of the web comedy series SOMETHING TO BE DESIRED. Crystalann also sings in the Pittsburgh rock band SOCIETY OF SOUND.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Still Shot From I, THE KILLER By Kiss of Death Productions.

Photo Credits and Explanations

The following 11 photographs were taken by Jeff Stoll. We were filming a teaser clip for Something to be Desired in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. Lloyd Kaufman was wonderful for charming us with his graces on film. To view this video clip AND VOTE please go here:

I thank you many times in advance!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

This is on the Set of SOMETHING TO BE DESIRED. Lloyd Kaufman is Appearing in this Episode! Thanks Lloyd! We Love You! We Love Troma!

Justin is the Writer/Director/Cameraman for SOMETHING TO BE DESIRED

It's My Job To Look Like a Slut...I Swear!!!

Super Tromette Labia Shows Off Her Sexy Muscles

Lloyd is Promoting His Book THE TOXIC AVENGER

Lloyd and I share the script while Labia has a giggle

Lloyd Kaufman is Studying the Script. To View The Show, Go To SOMETHINGTOBEDESIRED.COM

I'm Groping Lloyd...It Was My Job...For the Day...

Lloyd Kaufman of Troma, Crystalann and Super Tromette "Labia" on the set of SOMETHING TO BE DESIRED

Lloyd Kaufman is on the set of SOMETHING TO BE DESIRED

For More Exciting Pics - Go to TROMA.COM

Tromette Labia, Mike Watt, Amy Lynn Best, David Silvio, Diana Silvio, Jason English, Crystalann and Lloyd Kaufman at the Borders Book Signing

Monday, July 10, 2006

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