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Crystalann is an actress/singer/model and student. She starred in MEAT FOR SATAN'S ICEBOX (a Troma film) as "Cindy Cavatelli." Her other credits are many and varied including numerous radio and television voice overs, more B-movie roles, and also, she plays "Hailey" on the fourth season of the web comedy series SOMETHING TO BE DESIRED. Crystalann also sings in the Pittsburgh rock band SOCIETY OF SOUND.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

crystalann on the cover of BEAUTY 'N THA BEATZ

I'm on the cover (and the back cover...and the actual CD!) for Blackwell's "BEAUTY 'N THA BEATZ." It's a break beats CD for rappers and DJ's (mostly) but you can pick it up even if you aren't a rapper or a DJ ; )

crystalann wearing a "Borderline" tee. Borderline is from Sweden and they're TROMA fans!!!

"Bastards of Horror" Charlie and Tim w/ Amara O'Donnell and crystalann

Tonerwoods Grey Matter from "BETTER LUCK YESTERDAY" Character is "joe"

Joe, crystalann, David Silvio and Mike after a Shoot for "I, THE KILLER"

Lloyd Kaufman and crystalann in the movie "I, THE KILLER" by Kiss of Death Productions

Poster from "The Horror Convention Massacre" from Old School Sinema. I'm on the Far Right.

I Got Shot In the Chest!!! (For the movie "Better Luck Yesterday")

The Cast of "Something to be Desired" and Lloyd Kaufman and Others. Guess Where I Am...

Lloyd Kaufman, a Couple of Guys, Tiff and crystalann at Cinema Wasteland

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Scene for "I, the Killer" with Lloyd Kaufman of Troma!!!

Santa's Helper is Tying Her Shoe