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Crystalann is an actress/singer/model and student. She starred in MEAT FOR SATAN'S ICEBOX (a Troma film) as "Cindy Cavatelli." Her other credits are many and varied including numerous radio and television voice overs, more B-movie roles, and also, she plays "Hailey" on the fourth season of the web comedy series SOMETHING TO BE DESIRED. Crystalann also sings in the Pittsburgh rock band SOCIETY OF SOUND.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Yummy. Tiff Apan, Heather Lucas, crystalann.

We're going to suck her dry. Tiffany Apan, Heather Lucas, and crystalann.

I'm getting the juiciest part! Tiffany Apan, Heather Lucas, and crystalann.

Vampires taunt helpless victim. Tiffany Apan, Heather Lucas, and crystalann.

Very BAD girls of B cinema. Kiss of Death vixens: Diana Silvio, crystalann, and Tiffany Apan

Crystal Aura plays Cindy Cavatelli in Meat for Satan's Icebox. This is Cindy killing...someone...

crystalann and Tiff Apan

these were taken at the Dream Catcher's studio

dressed up for a formal dinner at a professor's house

crystalann is all dressed up and ready to paint the town blood red